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Property For Sale: Land For Sale Villa Ref BFRHRV
EC$992,294.00|US$365,230.25 (OPEN TO OFFERS)

Villa, St. Vincent

This prime lot is gently sloping and it is within...MORE

Property For Sale: Tropicana Property For Sale Cane Hall Queens Drive Ref DLQDP
EC$754,000.00| US$279,259.26 (OPEN TO OFFERS)

Cane Hall/Queens Drive

Tropicana is a five (5) bedroom property...MORE

Property For Sale: Charming Villa For Sale Prospect Ref CCPP

Prospect, St. Vincent

Charming Villa is nestled on 11,213 square feet...MORE

Property For Sale: George Commercial Building Property For Sale Lower Middle Street Kingstown Ref DGKCP
EC$1,500,000.00| US$552,100.00 (OPEN TO OFFERS)

Lower Middle Street

George Commercial Building is located at Lower...MORE

Property For Sale: DG Commercial Building Property For Sale Tyrell Street Kingstown Ref DGTSKCP
EC$1,200,000.00| US$441,680.00 (OPEN TO OFFERS)

Tyrell Street, Kingstown

DG Commercial Building is located at...MORE

Property For Sale: Palmira House Property For Sale Cane Garden Ref BYCGR
EC$1,589,000 | US$584,858 (OPEN TO OFFERS)

Cane Garden, St. Vincent

Palmira House is located at Cane Garden...MORE